Cloud Computing? There’s An App for That:)

Well, sort of.

Not just an “app,” but a serious SaaS enabling applications.

The good folks at Peer1 have launched something new. It’s called the CloudXcelerator cloud program, aimed at helping you succeed in developing and launching your own application.

All you have to do is to apply here and if you are selected, you will be able to develop, test and run your cloud application on the company’s SuperNetwork™ infrastructure. You will enjoy discounted hosting, discounted storage, free publicity, free lead generation, and co-marketing funds.

Photo by Bob Jagendorf (c) 2010 by permission

Tools You Can Use to Transition to the Cloud- LayerBoom

If you’re a developer looking for a practical and cost efficient way to turn your Dedicated Servers into Virtual Private Server Clouds, look no further than LayerBoom.

Here’s the company’s CEO, Howie Wu, talking about his vision of Cloud Computing and the decentralizing of data so that you can manage your own infrastructure at your fingertips.

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Tools You Can Use to Transition to the Cloud- ElasticHosts

ElasticHosts is the second European cloud infrastructure provider and the world’s first public cloud based upon KVM, the native Linux virtualization platform.

ElasticHosts makes flexible virtualization easy. You configure the company’s sophisticated infrastructure to match your needs with any web browser, giving you an unmatched combination of instant flexibility, ease of use and cost efficiency.

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Tools You Can Use to Transition to the Cloud- MongoDB

p>Appropriately named, MongoDB (as in “humongous”) is a scalable, high-performance, open source, schema-free, document-oriented database.

MongoDB helps you bridge the gap between key-value stores (which are fast and highly scalable) and traditional RDBMS systems (which provide structured schemas and powerful queries).

Key features of MongoDB include dynamic queries, fast in-place updates, efficient storage of binary data, auto-sharding for cloud-level scalability and MapReduce for complex aggregation. MongoDB is well suited for scenarios like the operational data store of web site infrastructure, data caching, real-time performance counters and problems requiring high scalability or the ability to easily modify fields.

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Tools You Can Use to Transition to the Cloud – Apprenda

p>If you’re a developer, you’ll love Apprenda – the creator of SaaSGrid – the next generation application server purpose-built to solve the architecture, business and operational complexities of delivering software as a service in the cloud.

SaaSGrid is a distributed application server middleware, that eliminates both the technical and business challenges of delivering software as a service. Think of it as the know how and smarts that makes your SaaS applications run.

They’ve eliminated  significant technical hurdles like single instance multi-tenancy and grid scalability, while at the same time providing “out of the box” application services like billing and subscriber management,application lifecycle management, and much more, SaaSGrid is helping software companies achieve sustained market leadership through superior software delivery.

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Tools You Can Use – Assembla – Hosted and Dedicated Hosting Solution for Software Development

By it’s name, Assembla, sound very much like the word, assemble. Maybe think of it as assemble meets new business processes in which teams around the world can collectively build software from a central repository.

If you’re a developer or a consulting firm building software for clients, Assembla can be an ideal way to collaborate.

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